5 Tips To Find A Good Domain Name For Your New Website

When you decide to create a website, there are two things you need to think about: a name for your website and a hosting website to host your site. These two things are like a virtual property and address for you where people will come in order to find you online. Both are easy to get but choosing them is another story.

Before jumping in and buying the domain name that suits your fancy, here are few tips to consider to make sure you’re picking from the cream of the crop.

Shoot For Something Brandable

Google gives more value for brands over anything else. They prefer websites and blogs that have got a good name and brand for themselves, especially when it comes to the top e-commerce websites like Amazon.

Having a name that standouts as a brand can help you in the long run. Obviously, there is more to ranking in the SERPs than a simple URL, but choosing a domain name that stands out will facilitate building your brand, authority, and it makes it easier for people to recognize you and what you’re about.

Opt For The .com Extension

Internet users and search engines seem to trust websites with domain names that end with the extension .com when compared to others. Therefore, it is highly recommended to pick a domain that ends with this extension.

If you are building a blog or and online business website, then be sure to opt for the .com extension. And a final tip, you should also buy the .net extension to help lock in your domain name and keep it out of the hands of others out there.

Keep It Short and Memorable

There are a lot of websites on the internet that have managed to build a website and online business that are brandable and whose names are both short and easy to remember. Here are a few to consider:








That list could go on and on, however I think you get the idea. All of these sites represent well-established and famous brands that also happen to have names that are memorable. Picking a short and memorable domain name will help you to build a brand and building a brand is something that Google likes to reward.

Be Unique

Following the previous idea , all the websites above have something in common: they are unique.

Uniqueness is something to always look for. Google loves the unique content, so why wouldn’t they love a unique domain name that is linked to a brand, blog or product? Even your name as a domain name can be a great idea when you look at it from a uniqueness angle.

Avoid Hyphens

In order to be unique and memorable, someone can go for buying a domain name that is catchy but that uses hyphens since the real name is already registered.

There is different point of views on this as well, however, I am on the side that says that these domain names are ugly looking and really don’t help lend to that authority many of us strive for.

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