• How Do I Buy a Domain on Shopify?

    Are you seeking to go online or to step up and enhance your internet presence of your business? You have heard of Shopify as one of the best registrars you can register a cheap domain. However, you do not know the process of buying a domain name on Shopify.

    On mentioning the word Shopify an idea of setting up an online store pop-up in your mind. Probably, the reason you may be looking at setting up your site is that you want to start selling online. While Shopify offers you an account for your e-commerce business, the URL is so long and may be hard to remember.

    For this reason, you are looking on to customize your domain name to make it easier and memorable.

    Note: you need to have a Shopify account to buy a domain on Shopify.

    Here is the process:

    Step by step on purchasing a domain name on Shopify

    1. Go on this website: https://www.shopify.com/domains
    2. Log on to your Shopify account and go to the admin area.
    3. Click on ‘Domains’ and then on ‘Buy New Domain’ icon. After clicking this icon, a dialog box will pop up.
    • Enter your preferred domain name you want to purchase.
    1. Select the domain extension you want to associate with your domain name. From the drop box, you can view various extensions with varying prices. You can choose the one you prefer.
    2. Click on the ‘Check availability’ icon to see whether the domain is available. If not, select another option displayed on the screen.
    3. After deciding on the domain name and extension, click on the check off button to confirm you agree with the domain registration agreement and ICANN policy.
    • Click on ‘Buy domain’ and complete the purchasing process.
    • Congratulation you now own a domain name!
  • What Next?

    Now that you have bought a domain name after following the above steps, it is important to know that you cannot move your domain from Shopify for the first 60 days. Also, you become a permanent owner of the domain even when you transfer it to other registrars.

    Again, when you purchase a domain name on Shopify, you can set up a primary domain that your current and prospective clients will use to access your online store or website.

    Further, to protect yourself from losing your domain ownership, you need to set up an auto-renewal. Also, you need to set the email forwarding option as Shopify does not offer email hosting services.

    What are the benefits of purchasing your domain through Shopify? Here are some:

    • Free themes and web builders

    Once you have bought your domain name on Shopify, you can access free themes to use on your site. Also, you do not need to spend more costs on building your website as they offer you free web builders that you can drag and drop. As such, you can develop an attractive site with an elegant theme which is essential for driving sales, particularly for online store entrepreneurs.

    • Unlimited file space and product listing

    After purchasing your domain and hosting it on Shopify, you get unlimited space to upload any amount of files you may wish to have on your site. Also, you can list an unlimited number of products on your online store. More importantly, you get all in one service as you can store your e-commerce information and manage your business blog without a need to operate a separate blog site.


    All in all, buying a domain name on Shopify is not a hard task. Also, Shopify offers you 14 days free trial period that you can use to familiarize with their service. If you find that they are not meeting your needs, you can request your money back.